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About the Mende language

The Mende are a group of people who live primarily within the southern third of Sierre Leone. Historically, they are rather recent arrivals to this area, appearing no earlier than the sixteenth century as invading forces advancing from the south. Linguistically, the Mende are related to Niger-Kordofanian and Niger-Congo groupings; they have at least two major dialects—Kpa and Ko—and two less prominent dialects—Waanjama and Sewawa. In 1987 the Mende numbered about one million, of whom 75 to 80 percent were Kpa Mende and most of the remaining portion, Ko Mende. The Mende comprise about 30 percent of Sierre Leone’s total population.

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Our Mandate
To spread the Good News of Jesus Christ by translating, producing, distributing and encouraging the people to use the Scriptures in their day-to-day lives.
Our Vision
Taking opportunities to resource the churches so that lives of people in Sierra Leone can be changed through Scriptures.
Our Mission
To provide the Holy Scriptures to every man, woman and child in a language each can understand, in a format each can readily use, at an affordable price;
and to help them interact with the word of God.
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Pɛin wɔɔ Ngewɔ i yaa hani gbi gbatɛ, numui na ti yɛ toli a Njiɛ i yɛ na lɔ. Tia Ngewɔ lɔ ti yɛ heini tawao tia Ngewɔ ti yɛ yakpe

- Kenɛi Jɔn1:1

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